We have a few policies to help ensure the well-being of all of our guests:

1)  Pets must be appropriately vaccinated. Please provide us with a current vaccination certificate.
2)  All pets should be free of infestation and be on a flea and tick control regimen.
3)  We cannot prescribe medication but we are happy to administer prescribed meds to your pet.
4)  If your pet should become ill during the week before boarding with us, we ask that you cancel your reservation.  It is always best to board a sick pet at a veterinary hospital, where he or she can be quarantined from other animals and closely monitored, with access to immediate medical care.  We would be concerned about your pet as well as the health of our other boarders.
Misty Lakes Pet Resort Entrance

5)  Please provide us with any pertinent information about your pet.  For example, are they afraid of lightning, a digger or an escape artist..are there temperament issues?
6)  We stay booked most of the time.  Please call early to make your reservation, especially during the holidays.
7)  Please give us at least 5 days notice if you must cancel a reservation as we usually have a waiting list.
8)  We only accept payment by cash or check.