Your pet stays in a climate controlled facility. The runs are 18 feet long with an attached sleeping area. The kennels are clean and dry and fresh water is always available.
Each pet is taken outdoors four times daily to a private, beautifully manicured and shaded exercise yard. The yards range in size from 50 x 60 (feet) to acre each.
Your pet can romp and play to its heart's content. Jolly balls, tennis balls, Frisbees, and lots of love and attention are provided for your special pet.
While indoors resting, your pet can listen to classical music, jazz, and the current news events. We provide soft, comfortable bedding and a variety of yummy treats throughout the day.
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Daizy and Boris, both bred here at Misty Lakes.
Boris and Daizy frequently visit with their
grandparents, Ronnie and Elizabeth.