Tranquility at Misty Lakes Pet Boarding Resort

Located on a 37-acre plantation in Monticello, Florida, Misty Lakes is a pet boarding resort like no other.  Just 16 miles east of Tallahassee on Highway 90, it is easy to find, yet tucked away from traffic, noise and anything else that may cause stress in your dog or cat.
The plantation boasts open fields, lakes and beautiful woods which promise tranquility for the pets that visit it - if for a week or just the day.


Quality Pet Care

Misty Lakes Pet Boarding Resort was built because Ronnie and Elizabeth Greenman felt there was a definite need for a boarding kennel that met their high standards for care. Their pets are their family and they know the kind of treatment they deserve.
Ronnie and Elizabeth designed the kennel with all the comforts the Greenmans would want for their own pets - a stress-free environment inside and out.